The Wonder of Winds

The wonder of winds is as mysterious as any of God’s natural phenomenal creations; especially the Sirocco winds from the Sahara Desert where winds reach hurricane-force speeds. On some occasions, these sirocco winds have lasted for 36 hours. The power and wonder of these hot, arid winds in northern Africa carry dust particles across the Mediterranean to the shores of southern France. Some extraordinary mysteries are beyond human understanding.

I grew up on the Gulf Coast. I have seen the power and wonder of incredibly strong hurricane-force winds. I have personally witnessed trees uprooted and tossed around like toothpicks. I have also seen bridges, houses, and buildings blown away as if they were matchboxes.

Winds can be a warm breeze upon our faces: soothing, satisfying and comforting. They can also be like a ferocious nemesis that will utterly destroy us with such a gale-force impact.

Sometimes, the winds of change are good for all of us. Compare our lives to the wonder of winds. We too carry the dust of goodness, hope, mercy, and love across the sea of mankind with the life we choose to live. We only live once. Every day is an opportunity for you and me to spread the dust of redeeming love to humanity.

We need to be like the winds of broken bread and poured out wine for others. Once we catch the magnitude and awesomeness of spreading those powerful winds of positive change into the lives of others, we too will never be the same again. We can send the dust of compassion to other shores where people can discover help, hope, and happiness.

Give, and it will be given to you” (Luke 6:38a NKJV).


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