Old Glory

Happy Fourth of July!

Some years ago, I was touring the Middle East and North Africa.  When you are this far from home, namely America, it doesn’t take long to become homesick.

After visiting several Arabic countries and cities, we came upon the golden, dry arid desert land of Egypt.  Along the Nile Basin, there was green foliage and lush grassland, but just seconds away were those yellowish-golden desert sands.

Sometime later, as we came closer to Cairo, our tour group turned the corner and right in front of us were two American aircraft at the international airport.  These two white planes from the State Department were shining in the sunlight.

As we drove closer to the planes, we could visibly see large painted American flags of red, white and blue.  I cannot tell you what Old Glory meant to me that day.  A burst of happy endorphins erupted within me, and I was entirely comforted by just the thought of our nation’s presence throughout the world.

How stately, how strong, and how precious those aircraft shone before us that day. America, the Land of the Brave and the Free!

Somewhere around this globe today, you can be certain Old Glory flies high and proud in far and distant countries as well as our own country. What a real reminder of freedom and liberty for all humanity to see.  I remember whispering to myself that day in Cairo, God Bless America.

…and He has.


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