An Evening Of Enough

I walk my old Boston Terrier, Ricky Bobby, everyday. This day climaxed with a cool damp evening, following the comforting visit from two special ladies I dearly love, adore and respect. The air seemed much cooler on this Balconies Escarpment (earth’s crust in the Texas Hill Country) from dribbles of light, almost unnoticeable sweet rain. It was actually like Almighty had an abdication from allowing the grey clouds spill their normal heavy drops from the sky in south central Texas. As I walked I did so with a very heavy heart of sorrow. I could only wished that the lady I witnessed for a lifetime could have been by my side. My mind, however, suddenly became overwhelmed by just the thought that her life was like a cloud, too. She shed her powerful influence and grace upon all who met her. Those who felt those soft sprinkles of love upon their cheeks and hearts were never the same after they came under her glorious cloud. Each step this cool, damp evening was interrupted repeatedly by children playing in the street throughout the neighborhood. Of course, they were magnetized to old Ricky Bobby, “Can I pet him please?” “ Oh yeah,” I assured them, “ You’ll bite him before he’ll bite you.” Then that inconceivable cloud of my late lover-teacher enveloped me with enormous memories and I must say, pathos, too. Why? Her incalculable love for none other than——children. As Ricky Bobby and I rounded the last street corner to come home, one specific little larger raindrop fell right on my cheek; a little more heavy than any other that had fallen on our walk. And I felt that quaint, mysterious whisper, ‘An Evening of Enough.’


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