A Morose Old Miser

The old miser heard a commotion outside his humble little abode one evening. Strangely enough, he was quite sullen and depressed. He had been counting his gold and silver. However, he had no real life in his old, tired bones.

The unbelievable multitudinous crowd followed this austere man with piercing eyes.

He had pulled back his dusty drapes and gave a keen gaze at this unfamiliar scene and earth’s celebrated Guest. Then he saw this man touch a blind man with some dirt he had turned into clay by actually spitting into his own hands.

The blind man that he knew in the community was completely healed from his awful condition.

Somehow, the old miser was greatly moved by this miraculous event. He was so overjoyed he was never the same again.

For once he had come to the realization that valuables can never outweigh values. He went from a morose old miser to a brand new believer.

Pull back your drapes this week and take assurance in earth’s celebrated Guest. He’s still giving sight to those who seek Him.


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