Ronnie Lee Johnson


Published Author   |   Motivational Seminar Speaker   |   Ordained Minister.


My website can be compared to those white, spiraling snow-capped Rocky Mountains. I continue to drool over them every time I see them even after 26 years. Having grown up in southeast Texas along the flatlands of the Gulf Coast, I see such a contrast of wonderment and sheer majesty in these Rocky Mountains.

The Ronnie Lee Johnson website is all about wonder and majesty! My books and paintings as you will see are created to provide you with uplifting thoughts and positive ideas. Just like the Rocky Mountains, you can have a new and different view every day you look at the websites artistic works and creative writings.

The whole purpose of this website is to inspire and encourage you in your journey through the mountains of life. As you are aware, life is full of mountains and valleys. So hang on. Climb what you will. Discover the wonder and the majesty before you.